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Shhh - An improvised silent movie is a theatrical performance by I Bugiardini. Neither the 6 actors nor the musician will follow scripts or sheet music. Beginning with a title invented by the audience, the cast will work in unison to create characters, atmospheres and to interact- on the spot. They will bring a unique “act” to life, in both senses of the word, all in 60 minutes. The performance will mirror the characteristics and themes of silent film from the first half of last century. Enriched by intense study of the great teachers of the silent movie era such as Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd, to name just a few, this project is a never-been-tried idea in the vast international world of theatrical improvisation.

Part of The Cast

The difference between cinematic language and that of the theatre have generated a natural challenge to research and experiment, for us- Where some classic rules of improvisation bit the dust, new methods and tools were discovered. An original contribution to a modern art where noble roots sink into the Commedia dell'arte.

Part of The CastThe result is a theatrical production, which is capable taking any form or wearing many hats, to offer some laughs and emotions, and to even leave you speechless! A theatrical play that is aimed at an international audience and, being without words, it is enjoyable also by those hard of hearing; a production that everyone will be talking about, except for us.

The idea of the show was born with the need to find a common language that unites an audience from many countries, that would be easy to understand and universal, exactly how silent films were once upon a time in the “Silent Era”. A product that transforms the well known Italian gestures into an expressive device that aims to take Italian Improvisation well beyond the national borders. After its premier at the Fringe Festival 2013, the show went back to Edinburgh in 2014 and 2016 (SELL OUT AWARD), 2018 in Edinburgh and did a world tour all around Europe, Canada and US.



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