b2ap3_thumbnail_Zazza.jpgHi guys, it's tuesday and our second week of shows has just started! On Monday we did our seventh show: "The Assassin", the awesome story of a professional killer, with a twist that made the audience goes "WHAAAAAAAAAT?".

Our cast is changing everyday because the actors on stage are everyday different (as the show of course), but this week someone had to go back to Italy and someone else arrived, so this second week the cast is quite renewed: our amazing Susanna (aka The CatKeeper) left on Sunday and today is Edfringe's last day for Peppe (aka Mr Stakanov), but yesterday Zazza (aka Zazza, in the picture you can see him doing what he does best) and Andrea (soon he'll have an aka too) arrived at the BugiardHouse, so today on the stage there will be a brand new cast! We're so excited!

Anyway, everything is going just fine and the audience is starting to love us. A lot of people after the show asked for
b2ap3_thumbnail_Ingegner.jpgphotos, posters and autographs on boobs (last one is not true). The people on the streets love our flyers and our silent screaming flyering so there were a lot of photographers taking pictures of us (you can find them searching carefully on

And on a little side note, here in Scotland (but we think in England too) there is no unique tap for hot and cold water, so to have a not-scorchingly-hot-and-also-not-freezing water, we need to open the hot water one and than the cold one and going with our hands a little bit here and a little bit there: basically, we'll never be able to find the right mix of hot and cold. But thanks God here at the BugiardHouse we have a genius! It's our piano player / improviser / Fifa champion / engineer Andrew Bent that created the homemade mixing machine that you can see in the picture. Is he a genius or what?

So, that's all for now,
till we have new stories to tell you!

Thank you for following,
i Bugiardini