b2ap3_thumbnail_TeaTime2.jpgSo, our first week of shows goes away. Six improvised silent movies created on the spot based on audience suggestions. First of all, our audience is growing up everyday. We started with not-so many and we ended the week with almost a sold-out (just 10 seats left). It's our first year in Edinburgh and nobody knows us here so, we are really proud of this result and we hope it can go everyday better!

We missed three show descriptions and so here we are: Fourth show was "The Magician" a story of a selfish magician and an enterprising assistant. Very funny stuff. Then was time for
b2ap3_thumbnail_TeaTime.jpg"The painter" a very jealousy drama, ended so bad for the main character. And today was the "Spaceship repairman" time with a sci-fi story, freely (i said Freely Mr. Lucas) inspired to Star Wars, except for the fact that Darth Vader was looking for someone who can fix his breathing machine.

Now it's time for some rest, 'cause sunday is our day off. We need to recharge our batteries 'cause flyering and playing and do everything
we need to do is really really tiring... Anyway we're starting having real fun in doing these show and it goes everyday better, but it's improv and so the failure is right behind the corner and we're ready to deal with it! :)

Meanwhile (one of our favorite intertitle cards) other two reviewers liked our show and you can find the reviews here (first and second).

What can we say? Thank you yo everyone, audience, reviewers and crowdfunders 'cause this experience is f***ing amazing!

P.S. In the pictures you can see us drinking some tea after the show when we have our cruel FEEDBACK!