b2ap3_thumbnail_Review1.jpgIt's five star time. No, it's not related to Beppe Grillo and his stuff, but it's how our first reviewer judges out our second show "The farmer". We're very happy even because here at the Fringe are those kind of reviews that bring audience to your show and, because of the 6000+ shows everyday, it's really difficult to do it. 

By the way this is an "Emotional rollercoaster". First day: not so good, second day: wonderful, third day: quite good and now we're waiting for our forth day. The third day show was "The Funeral Director" and we were not able to resist to put in the story a mafia boss, falled in love with a woman promised to our funeral director. Oh man, what a story! At the real end we had a zombie too! Fun.

There was a reviewer yesterday? We really don't know, as we don't know this today and tomorrow. Everyday a review (good or bad) can jump out from the web and you must be ready to deal with them passing fastly from joy to sadness and then to joy again. The only way to survive is really don't care so much about the reviews and be focused just on your show that, actually, it's the most important thing!

Oh, we are eating a lot of Spam, by the way. It's wonderful.


i Bugiardini