Hi Guys! How are you?

We're great! Everything here is supercool and we started to understand how Fringe things works.  First of all we had two shows. The first b2ap3_thumbnail_VolantinaggioTeam1.jpgtwos. The first one was "The Mad Scientist" a story of potions and mind control. We were very thrilled to perform and so we felt a little bit uncomfortable on stage but the story goes on and we bring a good audience hands at the end of the show. The second day everything was different goes we did "The farmer", a story of cows and poker. It was really really fun and hilarious and we enjoyed it a lot. The same did the audience who went crazy after the show!

This experience is absolutely amazing but is really tiring. We wake up early in the morning and after a fast home-breakfast for of us go out to give some silence-flyers (as you can see in the picture 1).  The people on the street loves us and our moustache-flyers are really working (for what it seems). Then we come back home for a lunch and at two o'clock we started to prepare ourselves. A good warm up and we move to venue for the show.
Everything is set up in 15' and after the show everything goes down in 10' (as you can see in the picture 2). Then we go flyering again

b2ap3_thumbnail_Ritorno1.jpguntil 20 o'clock when we come back home for a dinner and if we're not dying on our sofas (as you can see in picture3) we go out for a shows (yesterday a wonderful improvised musical from the amazing showstoppers). This is all for now, we're waiting for reviews and audience comments but we will tell you everything here on our travel journey. Keep following us even on Facebook (iBugiardini) and twitter (@iBugiardini). Thanks to everyone for your support!


We need it all! i Bugiardini