And we're really excited about this. But first of all we're sorry of this two days of silence but here in Edinburgh we had some troubled days. As soon as we landed, we discovery that our most important baggage (the one with all technical stuff for the show) was lost. We were like a magician without his two-pieces woman so we were completely desperate. At 00.30 of our first day, when we were thinking about get as drunk as possible, we received an sms from KLM: "your baggage is flying to Edinburgh, we're sorry about the delay". Yippiyay, it's party time. So the next day we received our baggage and everything can really start.

Yesterday we had our technical rehearsal and of course there were some little problem with our tech, but nothing that can be fixed by our amazing technician SuperMary and the wonderful staff of Gryphon Venue (Thank you Jax an Catelyn!<3). In the evening we had our first "meet the press" party where we talked with a lot of kind reviewer and we invited them at our show! We can't wait to get a some-stars review.

By the way today it's the big day. While i'm writing it's like 6 hours to our first show and in our big big house everyone is really thrilled about this, but by the way, no one is really scared. We are all thinking "This is so coooooooool!" so we have no time to worry!

Well, now it's time to go out and do some flying on the Royal Mile, obviously dressed as 1920's. Shhh.

Looking forward to write again,
thank you for your support
i Bugiardini

P.S. By the way, our house is amazing, big and beautiful as you can seen in this video.