Hi Guys, first of all we're very sorry about our English. We're gonna write a lot of Grammar Bullshit here 'cause our English goes just some steps ahead "the pen is on the table". But we're gonna try so please forgive us. 

Well, it's August the first and so this blog is starting. We're starting to move to Scotland and here we'll tell you how our #edfringe experience is going in term of shows, audience, new friend, emotions, starbucks and all the rest. Actually, we're not still in Edinburgh 'cause a lot of our improv group is leaving on August 3th, just a day before our technical rehersal and two days before our first show. 

Anyway, everything is ready right now. The show is good, technical stuff are prepared and we're as excited as we can. We spend last month in silent-improvising something like 30 hours for week so we can't wait to try our show in front of the amazing #edfringe audience.

In the next days you'll read here a lot of news and if you'll want to follow our story we'll appreciate it so much that we can invent some of them.

Now it's time to go, but before we'd like to remember you where our show is and to do this, we're gonna post it our Flyers. We're so proud of them! 

Bye guys, see you soon!

The Little liers (i Bugiardini in English)

b2ap3_thumbnail_FlyerFront.jpg                 b2ap3_thumbnail_FlyerBack.jpg