Hi There!

b2ap3_thumbnail_1a.jpgSo, our Fringe Experience is near to an end and this is starting to be sad. Our last week we definitely find our way in this show and performance after performance is going better and funnier. We had a brand new cast, and a brand new attitude 'cause the "reviewer fear" is away and now we're having really fun in playing with our silent toys!

Anyway the audience seems to like it a lot and especially the guys from Showstopper, one of the biggest sell-out show here in Edinburgh. b2ap3_thumbnail_1b.jpgWe're huge fans of those guys so seeing them at our show is so exciting. And what excited us most is that they liked it! Some of them came to see it twice and all the cast was in our audience. So amazing. Anyway if you're in Edinburgh you surely already know how amazing they are but if you're not, please remember this name "The showstoppers", One of the most beautiful improv show we have ever seen. So inspiring.

One more thing, with this last cast change we completed our photos team 'cause after Stefano and Zazza, now it's Umberto turn and his shooting a lot of amazing photos (as the others did). YOu can see them in this post or in our Facebook page! Don't miss them 'cause they're really beautiful.

b2ap3_thumbnail_1c.jpgFinally, here it is our show-title list, just for the record. On Monday we had "The short-sighted surgeon" a story of medicine and poverty; on Tuesday we had "The blind taxidermist", a story of kidneys and reptiles; on wednesday we had "the Jolly contortionist" a story of circus and jealousy; on thursday we had "the happy elf" a story of christmas and evil childs.

So, this is all for the moment, we really hope to enjoy those last four days of craziness here in scotland, but we surely will.

See you soon,
i Bugiardini