b2ap3_thumbnail_post2.jpgIn our last post we talked about our Fringe Experience as an "emotional rollercoaster" . We think this post will even better help to explain why we said that . 

This week we did three more shows : "The Clumsy Astronaugh" (a story of lost planet and spacemen), "The tattoo artist" (a story of three brothers and a father) and today's show, "The incompetent dentist" (a story of a dentist and his work instruments). Good the first, a little bit worst the second, very good the last one. By the way is "the tattoo artist" the show that we want to talk about.b2ap3_thumbnail_post3.jpg

That day we had a lot of reviewers there and it was not one of our best show. By the way, as improvisers, we deal with failure just every second we're on stage (otherwise it will not be improv) and that show really interest us 'cause it got 4 reviews (maybe five but we could have lost one of them). Two three star review, one two star review and one very destructive one star review from broadway baby (you can read it here, published the same day we received a mention by "the Guardian"). As we said, it was not one of our most beautiful show but how can a reviewer said "this is crap" and another one says "this is incredible"? How can we get a "must-see outstanding show" from a reviewer and a "really boring" from another one? How can they say "they are not able to improvise" and another one says "they seems thelepatic?"

YESS! Cause it's improv, and more than improv it's silent-improv so anyone can understand the story as he likes (and if we're not good enough, you can even understand nothing, but we promise his happens rarely :)). And 'cause you cannot please everyone. We need to fail, we'll fail, we'll accept failure as every improvisers should do (and this is why we decide to share this instead of bury it under the carpet). But, finally, is this a five stars show or a one star show?

b2ap3_thumbnail_post1.jpgWe steal a motto from our friends the Mischief theater and we said: YOU DECIDE! Come to see our show and try to figure out if it's an outstanding show (as someone said), or a crappy show (as someone said too). In spite of your choice, we'll be glad to hear it from you! And this is the reason why we'd like to thank every single reviewer that comes to our show: the good ones, the bad ones, and the ugly ones.

We now need to go to bed, waiting for the next 1 to 5 stars review that can make us happy, sad or just ok. YOU DECIDE!

Hope to see you soon,
i Bugiardini

P.S. In these days we took a bunch of photos. You can find it on our media section of this website (and some examples of this in this post).