Hi There!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Schermata-2013-08-15-a-11.48.54.pngWe officially are beyond the half of our Fringe Experience and so far we can certainly say that this is a f***ing "emotional rollercoaster". Yes, this is the name of a classic Keith Johnstone Exercise, but this is also what we are feeling here in Edinburgh.

On tuesday our show was "The submarine captain" , a story of pirates and chefs, but we were so happy 'cause that was our first SOLD OUT! We read "No more tickets left" near to our show title on the Gryphon blackboard and we were so happy!But…

…the next day, our ninth show was "The barber" and we were really far from sold out (if you know what i mean) so we started to be b2ap3_thumbnail_spam.jpgworried a little bit, but…

…the same day we read that Fringe Review select us as one of the six "MUST SEE" show of the 6000+ show that are currently at the festival. So we passed from happiness to a little bit of sadness and then to happiness again.What will happen next? We'll discovery it soon!

Anyway this experience is still amazing because we're meeting a lot of lovely improviser during the days, the night and during yesterday "improsium" created by the wonderful Maydays, a London-based improv group. We met the amazing Mischief Theater too (if you are in Edinburgh GO TO SEE their show) and the Showstopper guys (what can we say about them? they are stunning!) and we love this kind of improv network that is growing up here.

Well, now it's time to start cooking PASTA with SPAM (pic.2) to mix Italian and English culture in just one beautiful, gorgeous, amazing gourmet for our tireless flyer-squad (pic.1).

See you next time,
i Bugiardini