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"Shhhhh" is the show that has everyone talking. Except us.

"Shhhhh - an improvised silent movie" is a totally hilarious and completely improvised silent piece with ragtime piano music, inspired by the film and ambience of the 1920s. Every day six actors and a piano player will create a new play on the spot, inspired by themasterpieces of Chaplin, Lloyd and many other silent stars.

An international show suitable for people of any nationality as well as those with hearing difficulties, it innovates and pushes the boundaries of the improvisation art form. 

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"Memorable doesn’t do justice to it. Go and see it."

"A true gem."

Broadway Baby
"Fantastically talented " 
"Theatre with capital T"


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    • Address: Roma, Teatro Hamlet, Via Alberto da Giussano 14 
    • Time: Ore 21.00
    • Date: 08/03/2020 (WELCOME! improvvisazioni dal mondo)
    • Tickets: Click here
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